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About Infinit Academy

Digital round table Infinit Academy

Welcome To Infinit Academy

Infinit Academy is what we call a DIGITALLY ( with focus on advertising and marketing), TECHNOLOGY and INNOVATION LED Knowledge Powerhouse that offers TRAININGS, COURSES AND MASTERCLASS services to companies and individuals who want to know more about these fields AND HAVE A REAL TOOL IN ADVANCING THEIR CAREERS.

We believe that sharing the knowledge in an accessible way is what will accelerate the future and make our world better, faster and stronger.

Our expert speakers team is made ENTIRELY of people that are in advertising or technology active businesses and that do the things they teach every day, for large international brands like Microsoft, Skoda, Honda, Royal Canin, TOTAL and many more.

We believe in theoretical knowledge too, but practice is the best teacher and our programs mix the knowledge transfer with a lot of useful and real-life based interactive exercises.

The Academy takes all the condensed team knowledge gained in 10+ years of:

and so forth and turns them into clear, efficient and extremely useful:

  • – Trainings ( Presentations from our Experts )
  • – Master Classes
  • – Keynotes (Private or Public)
  • – Applied Materials

or best Practices on subjects like:

  • – Digital Marketing and Advertising
  • – Social Media
  • – Performance Marketing and Advertising
  • – Soft Skills, Sales and Management
  • – Technology
  • – Futurology
  • Applied Innovation

Infinit Academy has global capabilities, no geography limitations and no limits. So should you, your careers and your organizations.

Find out more here about our custom programs and packages or check-out some of our delivered projects, trainings (presentations) and masterclasses.

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We have a line-up of international speakers that can provide both public events speaking or private corporate events speaking. We cover technology, digital advertising and marketing, futurology, performance advertising, e-commerce, business strategy and entrepreneurship subjects.
Our speakers covered man countries with performances at Global Webit, Dubai Digital Media Forum, Barcelona Interact just to name a few.


Trainings & Master Classes

We like to share. Our experience in large digitally led advertising agencies taught us that sharing is the only way to grow the market. We have classes and trainings ranging from 4 hours crach courses up to 1-3 months intensive trainings. We can adapt from 10-15 employees companies up to large multinational that want an effective learning solution for their teams. Our packages are custom made and flexible.


Innovation Seminars

Innovation is the key word in this decade and the more people use this word the less they truly apply it. One of our most wanted service – the innovation seminars – focus on teaching teams how to use applied innovation in their specific industry and how to form an on-going commercially viable innovation climate. Our aim, through our seminars, is to bring most of our clients in the present so they can better control their future.


Assesment Tests

We are able to efficiently asses the current level of your team either in digital advertising, soft skills ( sales ) or innovation. This will help us determine the best curriculum for them in order to have most progress in the shortest amount of time. It is very important to correctly know where you are in order to determine where you want to be next. We believe that the future belongs to companies that are able to innovate in efficient time to market intervals.


What can we do for you?

We can share our knowledge in a very original and easy to understand way.

All our programs are custom made for each class, master-class, training or event.

We carefully put together the content and make sure the experience is as pleasant as it is useful.

We had events from 5 to 500 to 1000 people and we managed to deliver on each level with the same intensity.

We believe KNOWLEDGE + ENTERTAINMENT is the only way to be memorable and efficient.

Corporate trainings, master classes and courses

From digital advertising and marketing to performance and e-commerce we have a wide array of corporate materials ready to make the digital world more clear and fun!

International High Level Keynotes

International Keynotes at the highest level, mixing knowledge and entertainment and bringing the future closer!

Business transformation towards digital

In today’s uncertainty the adaptation speed is what makes the difference, and that speed is measured in knowledge. Master the technology and learn how to turn your business around to make the most of the digital world!

Sales and Soft Skills Classes

Today’s world is all about the right mix of technology and influence. Learn how to understand and make the most of the current socio-technological environment and drive your business further.

“Nothing happens until a sale is done “- Henry Ford

Meet Our Team

Our trainers and speakers team is made ENTIRELY of people that are in advertising or technology active businesses and that do the things they teach every day, for large international brands like Microsoft, Skoda, Honda, Royal Canin, Total and many more.

CEO, Co-founder Infinit Corporation ( Infinit Solutions, Infinit Academy, InfinitLABS), International Speaker, Trainer and Futurologist

Alexandru is currently: CEO & Co-Founder – Infinit Solutions Agency – – Full Service Digital Agency Member of the Board of Directors – UAPR (Romanian Advertising Association) – Experienced International Public Speaker For Romanian description please use this link – Alex Cernatescu in IQAds Alexandru Cernatescu has 11 years of experience in business […]

Managing Director and Co-founder, Transform 2 Exceed, Partner - Infinit Germany

Jacob-Jan Walburg has 20+ years of experience in international sales leadership, marketing and business development working for Microsoft, having engaged with C-Level executives of A-brands in over 30 countries in Benelux, DACH (German speaking countries) and Central Eastern Europe. With a primary focus on developing business in emerging markets or driving emerging cloud based products and services into mature markets.

During this time, he has built up experience by helping large organizations to adopt and select innovative technologies to exceed their goals. He has been a part of these (cloud) transformations in several industries by engaging with companies like SAP, BASF, BMW, SHELL, PHILIPS, NXP, Allianz and Merck.

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